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Real Estate market in Texas

The state of Texas is by population the second largest state in the US, with a population that is over twenty-five million people. There’s no surprise in discovering that the real estate market over there is vast and of quality.

Because it is such a massive economy one may think that buyers must deal big real estate companies too. Who charges a lot to provide their service and maybe felt distant by the average person. Instead, the business of selling houses in the state is still mostly in the hands of relatively small companies which handle different properties and can offer a more intimate approach to guide your choice.

Large house, little apartment, there’s everything in Texas. It doesn’t really matter what your taste is, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

By statistics, the state is growing at a very fast speed. Meaning that many new buyers are choosing to settle in Texas. Indeed almost 35% of house buyers in Texas are first-time buyers. Most of them are young people who want the place to be their home. Data show clearly that over 27% of the population is made by young people. And the market statistics tell us that the average buyer stays in the property they purchase for something like nine years.

The real estate market does not suffer then, not even when they decide to leave their house. Because almost all of the property owners choose to leave the job to the real estate agencies. So it will be very rare for someone, while looking for their ideal spot for themselves or their families, to find private owners who manage the sales privately.

No doubt then that Texas offers limitless possibilities and one may find, amongst the mass of regular offers. The extravagant houses that make us even smile when we hear of them.

Texas Real Estate market Example

Champ d’Or is the largest home in the state, located in Denton County. It measures forty-eight thousand square feet and listed for $35 million if you are interested.

The opposite case we can mention is the tiniest property in the state. Measures only four hundred forty-eight square feet, designed by a company called Tiny Texas. Not mentioning the big number of ranches available, which are something typical to be found. And if you have a passion for animal farming or agriculture they are the right choice for you. Since they may turn out a remunerative investment.

Although we mentioned such extreme figures, the majority of the properties in Texas have an average size of one thousand seven hundred square feet.Those are the ones most of us hope to secure a good deal on price.

There’s also hope that the market not only will continue as it is now. But it will improve during the next years, for the joy of all agents. The challenge of selling or of buying is time-consuming anywhere though, not only in Texas.  The estate agents have their little rules and tricks to assured their sale. The best day to hold an open house is Tuesday and Friday is the day many Texan agents decide to put a property on the market.